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The Horizon Difference

  • Sightseeing At Its Best
  • Day Time Travel
  • Top Notch Tour Guides
  • Service to the military
  • Value for your money
  • Great Hotels
When you travel with us, you will have a premium experience at an excellent price. Our tour guides, drivers and staff take great pride in taking care of you. We have been servicing the military community in Germany for over 15 years and know how valuable your travel dollar and down time is, when you trust us with your travel experience, be assured, you won’t be disappointed. We look forward to sharing Europe and our favorite sites with you!

The most important aspect of any Horizon Tour is you, our VALUED CUSTOMER!

Sightseeing At Its Best

Why do people travel? To see the sights, of course! But why should you travel with Horizon Tours? Because we know you want more than to just “see the sights.” You want to experience the country, understand the culture and see Europe through the eyes of the local people. At Horizon Tours, we strive to makes this a reality for everyone who travels with us.

Day Time Travel

A Horizon Tour begins the moment you board the bus, not when you arrive at the destination. There are no inconvenient and time consuming transfers. Traveling during the day allows you to experience the ever-changing landscapes of Europe. You will see and hear about the unique landmarks along the way. You will never spend the night trying to sleep on a bus, you will always sleep soundly and comfortably in a bed!

Catering to Military Travelers

As a USAFE contractor, we are proud to serve those who serve and know about your requirements. If your leave suddenly gets cancelled and you are called in for duty, you can cancel a tour without any cancellation fee. All we need is a letter from your commander. If you are called in for duty while on tour, we will help to arrange an immediate return to your base. We will do all we can to accommodate you and your mission, always.

Top Notch Tour Guides

The most appreciated difference on any Horizon Tour is the personal touch and individual care provided by our tour guides. They take great pride in insuring all the details are taken care of so you can relax and enjoy a worry-free vacation. Their many year’ experience, knowledge and their friendliness are some of the reasons our guests return to travel with us time and again.

1st Class Hotels

Where you stay each night is as important as your tour destination. We believe in comfort and pleasure while on tour, so we select your accommodations based on ambience and location. All our hotels are First Class standard. Every overnight stay includes a buffet breakfast.

Great Food

We know that exploring the new and exciting flavors on your travels is a big part of exploring new cultures and places. Time and care is taken to source culinary experiences at authentic locations that offer delicious local meals and opportunities to sample and purchase regional favorites.

Discover Europe with us...

For over 20 years, our company has been operating exceptional tours, always seeking to meet our customer’s highest expectations in safety, comfort and comprehensive sightseeing. Our tours are tailored to enable you to experience, in depth, the diversity of cultures, the sights and the people of Europe.

- Stephan Bonnert, Owner & Operator

When you trust us with your travel experience, be assured, you won’t be disappointed. Learn more

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