Tour Booking & Departure Status

Minimum participation is required in order for us to confirm the departure date of the tours we offer, We make all efforts to reach minimum participation and announce the cancellation or confirmation of a tour as far in advance as possible. Confirmed tours are marked in Green throughout the website. For additional dates not listed here, please see our Calendar. Tours marked in Yellow are Open to Book. Tours marked in grey are Not Yet Open to Book and will begin accepting reservations 3-4 weeks prior to departure.

Important Tour Information

Payment Hotline

Tour reservations are considered pending, and not finalized until payment has been made. For your convenience, RTT has a dedicated payment hotline available for you to call in and quickly provide your credit card information. Please call the hotline to make payment within 2 business days of submitting your booking request to finalize your reservation and secure your seats. If payment is not provided within 2 business days, pending reservations will be automatically closed.

Payment Hotline
Monday - Friday
DSN 480-7970 & 480-7973
CIV 06371-477970 & 06371-477973

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