COVID-19 Information

Upcoming Tours

We will make all efforts to offer tours as travel restrictions, safety and the quality of travel permit. Our tours will only be operated if they can be run with the highest level of safety to destinations that will offer a positive travel experience and meet your expectations.  We want very much to share our love of great cities like Rome or Paris with you, we do not want to do it with long bus rides wearing masks, only to arrive and find many of the sights are closed or local restrictions limit your overall enjoyment at the destinations.

We are working hard to put together new and exciting trips that offer more outdoor venues at exciting boutique destinations.  As new trips and departure dates become available, they will be published on our Calendar and Facebook page.

Booking Tours

Unless other specified on tour page the following applies:

  • Tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis
  • Sales are limited to 40 passengers (80% capacity)
  • No children under the age of 6 permitted
  • Tickets are currently sold by phone only, Tuesday - Friday, 2 weeks in advance of the departure date (phone number and sale dates will be posted on tour page).
  • Covid-19: Tour is operated in accordance with ordinance #11 State Rhineland Pfalz.  See additional travel restrictions and procedures that apply to this trip under "Bus Travel Procedures & Restrictions" below.

Bus Travel Procedures & Restrictions

Disinfecting Measures

  • Bus will be thoroughly disinfected after every journey
  • Hand sanitizer will be available on the bus
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer or personal cleansing products for use outside oft the bus

Boarding Process

  • Wear protective nose & mouth cover
  • Keep safe distance while entering and exiting the bus (1,5m)
  • Hands must be disinfected before entering (liquid made available by Bus Company)

During Bus Travel Journey

  • Stay in your assigned seat (seat assignments are done by the office before departure)
  • Wear protective nose & mouth cover at all times while inside the bus
  • On board toilets will remain closed
  • No snacks, food or drinks permitted on the bus
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