Trier & Mosel Valley

1 Day Tour

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Discover the Roman Treasures of Trier and the beauties of the Mosel valley

This city sightseeing tour is a journey back in time as we visit the Roman Amphitheater, see the Imperial Baths, the mighty Porta Nigra and the 4th century cathedral. From here Constantine and several other emperors ruled over the roman empire and left their mark in the city’s history…


Trier, founded in 16 BC, has more ancient roman monuments than any other city north of the Alps. From here Constantine and several other Emperors ruled over the Roman Empire.  This tour offers the opportunity to journey back to a time when the Roman empire dominated most of Europe.  Our morning begins outdoors with a guided tour of the Roman Amphitheater followed by a visit to the Imperial Baths, 4th century cathedral and famous Porta Nigra.

Your guide can assist with lunch arrangements at a local beer garden, bistro or restaurant.  After lunch explore the city center and where you can shop for souvenirs or ancient bargains such as authentic roman coins. During the journey to our next destination, enjoy the scenery of the Mosel River wine region as we journey to the quaint wine village of Bernkastel where there is time to shop for wine and souvenirs.

Trip Details


  • €129 Adults & Youths

  • Є99 Children up to and including 11 years

  • Tour is not recommended for children under 3.

Departure Dates

Dates TBA
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Please note that the listed dates may be subject to change due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, safety or limitations in being able to provide a quality of travel experience. For complete details regarding our response to COVID-19 and please see below.

Pick Up Time

  • Departs  08:00

  • Returns  19:00

Pick Up Location

  • Ramstein AFB, Main Chapel Parking Lot
  • Day Tours:  Park toward center of the lot.
    Overnight Tours:
    Park in the overnight parking area.
    Tour guide will provide parking passes.


  • Modern tour bus with AC / WC / DVD

  • Trier city sightseeing tour

  • Berncastel orientation tour

  • Entrance fee Roman Amphitheater

  • Services of driver and guide

Not Included

  • Cancellation Insurance: Adults € 9 / Children € 7


Additional Info

Special Note About Travel Documents

Travelers must be in possession of a Blue US Tourist Passport. Nationalities traveling with a non US Tourist Passport must check with the respective consulates and ensure they have the appropriate travel documents required to enter all countries the tour visits and travels through.

Important COVID-19 Information

Vaccination Status

Most European countries consider a person fully vaccinated 14 days after the second dose of vaccine has been administered. A single dose of Johnson & Johnson is not considered fully vaccinated, a second dose of a European recognized COVID-19 vaccine needs to be administered to maintain a fully vaccinated status. This fully vaccinated status is valid for 270 days (Italy 180 day). To maintain a fully vaccinated status, and meet current entry requirements for most EU countries the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine needs to be administered before the deadline elapses. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the change of vaccination status from fully vaccinated to unvaccinated. COVID-19 health documentation is required on all tours, please see the Travel Documents section below for details on the current COVID-19 documentation that is required for adults and children traveling on tours.

  • Adults and passengers 12 years and older Even though COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed, adults and passengers 12 years and older must still be able to provide vaccination status or letter of recovery in QR CODE format on request by the authorities of the respective country's RTT travels to. These can be obtained from any German Apotheke (Pharmacy). If you are unfamiliar with how to complete this procedure please see our blog article using this link for complete instructions, or contact us for assistance.
  • Children: Vaccination Certificates or Negative COVID Test
    • Overnight Tours:  Children ages 6 -11 with vaccination status or letter of recovery in QR CODE format can participate on both day and overnight tours.
    • Day & Overnight Tours: Children ages 0 -11 no longer require a negative test to travel (exception Italy, please contacts for specific requirements if you are traveling to Italy).
Protective Nose & Mouth Coverage Requirements
Protective nose & mouth covers may be compulsory in indoor public spaces, public transportation as well as healthcare settings. Please plan accordingly.
  • Bernkastel Town Center
  • Mosel River and Valley Germany
  • Morning mist along the Mosel River
  • Porte Negra Trier Germany
  • Roman Bath Ruins Trier Germany
  • Trier Cathedral
  • Bernkastel Town Center
  • Mosel River and Valley Germany
  • Morning mist along the Mosel River
  • Porte Negra Trier Germany
  • Roman Bath Ruins Trier Germany
  • Trier Cathedral

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